Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On Reaching 2500/10,000

Walking in the UNCA Botanical Garden this afternoon with my friend L,  I reached 1/4 of the way to 10,000.  There was no sound track.  No cheering.  No clap of thunder even.  A bluebird chirped, and the head gardener continued telling us his method for getting rid of the ubiquitous poison ivy.  (It's a native plant, he explained, and people used to encourage it to grow in their yards because of the beautiful fall colors of the vines and berries.)

I was quickly sketching some of the plants, and all of a sudden I realized the next number was going to be 2500.  In my original projection, this was going to happen on June 15, the one-year birthday of this project.  It's tempting to take a little sabbatical until then, but I think I'll just keep on rolling.


  1. Fun to see colored sketches! :)))) Congrats on reaching your 1/4 mark!

  2. Congrats! Keep on keeping on!
    Aloha, Kate