Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back to Jenny's and Her Wonderous Things

Our book club met at Jenny's tonight, and I had a chance to draw a few of her things.  Her house has the same intriguing atmosphere as the Frederick Mares Museum in Barcelona.  I revisited that place at least four times while we were in B.  As I was drawing Jenny's porcelain Baby Jesus I lamented the collection of Baby Jesi that I drew at the Mares.  I drew at least seven carved heads of Baby Jesus statues, loving the weird little details.  One was madly drinking from Mary's breast;  another had a silly leer on his face;  another was solemnly blessing the world with his pudgy wooden fingers.  Jenny's has pearly little teeth that seem to pop out of his gums, and his eyes are glass. 

On the left is a bag that F and I made for Jenny, hanging on the back of a chair.  Jenny wanted a favorite old bag replicated more or less, and that's what we did.  It's a good small bag with text in every language you can imagine, from the back of an Arcana dog food bag.

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  1. Hi, Gwen! Sorry again about the loss of those sketches! But here you go with more wonderful new ones! Love Jenny's new bag! My husband is saving me all Kettle chip bags! I haven't even started making a journal yet! I think it's his excuse to eat the chips! ;)