Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Reclaiming Lost Drawings, Sort Of

F and I have been playing around with the idea of putting old button feet on our bags.  Yesterday we made our first footed bag, and I drew it this morning.  The buttons are from our giant collection of what I guess you could call Vintage buttons (only they're really just used and sometimes old buttons that people have given to us).  This is a smallish bag, around 6" wide and 8 " tall, and we were concerned about the corners wearing.  So we thought little round buttons would protect the corners from rubbing and wearing.  At the same time we love the way the blue buttons look like blueberries.  And then we heard about various superstitions and cultural beliefs that handbags should never sit on the floor.  In Feng Shui there's a belief that sitting your bag on the ground causes money to fly out of your life.  So there's another good reason to give our bags little feet.
P and I went for a picnic walk on the River Trail this afternoon and we saw some true Solomon's Seal as well as false Solomon's Seal.   The plants essentially look alike, except that the flowers and berries occur all along the stem, hanging down, in true Solomon's Seal.  These drawings are of false, where the bloom is at the end only.  it is much rarer in these woods.  On the right is a galax with its bloom.

And then I was missing my lost drawings a lot tonight and decided to try to find photographs of the wooden statues in the wonder-filled Frederick Mares Museum.  It was easy to find them on line, and I even found a gallery shot of the wooden Madonna and Child statues that I spent a whole afternoon sketching.  So here they are, many Baby Jesi (and also my King Cake Baby Jesus-- he's the one who looks like he's yelling "Hey Mistah Throw me something!)

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