Sunday, May 25, 2014

Romanesque Goats in Glorious Color

 I spent all day today and yesterday teaching a monotype class to a group of ten spectacularly good students at Asheville BookWorks.  (A monotype is a painting done on a metal or plexiglas plate, using rags and fingers, brushes and various improvised tools, and then passed through a printing press where the paint is offset onto paper.)

I needed to do some demos during the course of the weekend, so of course I used my recent drawings of P's goat as one of my subjects.  This first print was a demo of printing without using the press but with finger-burnishing instead.
The second image is of one of the bestiary goats done very quickly using rags and fingers and a brush and then printed using an etching press.

This is done from a sketch of Jesse sleeping in his Jesse-colored fur bed, pretty abstract.


  1. there is a wonderful goatiness...i loved having goats...and i wish i had been in your monotype class!

    1. I wish you had been, too, Velma! Come to Asheville!