Friday, January 31, 2014

People Waiting

At the bakery today I was sitting at a table waiting for my lunch.  All around me were people standing still and waiting for things: perfect opportunity to draw them.   On the right side of this page, drawing 1453, is one of the bakery workers waiting for the electric bread slicer to slice up a Russian Black Rye boule.  The man to the right, meanwhile,  waited for a very long time for eclairs and other sweets to carry to the table where a his wife and a younger woman and a teenaged girl were waiting.
The line got a lot longer for a while, and at the end, standing rather near my table, was a man waiting to buy a loaf of challah, which he held in its bag and twirled while he waited.  Then my lunch arrived and I stopped drawing.

Tonight we went out to dinner with our son and his family, and here's Maya waiting for her udon noodle soup, practicing with her chopsticks by lifting and carrying a piece of lettuce from someone's salad. 

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