Monday, January 6, 2014

Rusty Child Form Redux

I don't buy things at Tobacco Barn very often, but when I do I never regret it.  Yesterday I went back over there to check out some details on the child form, and I made a deal with myself that if there was a child form left, I would buy it.  It took a bit of searching in the increasingly chilly space (which is impossible to heat with its acre or so of space and three story high ceilings and perpetually open barn doors) but I found it!  And now it's sitting on the brick apron of the little fireplace in my studio, looking perfectly at home.  So I had a festival of drawing it, and it is way more complex than I thought after quick-sketching it at TB.

I still haven't got the proportions right.  It doesn't look child-shaped though, more like a miniature adult with wide shoulders and a pinched-in waist.  It's only about 3 1/2 feet high and has a white wooden knob where the head would be, maybe for hanging on a hat?

I experimented with different ways of attaching the girls to it, first just a uniform, then a couple of girls-attached-to-rusty-child-forms.  They look too tall, and I want to try again tomorrow, then do some layering, maybe draw the girls first and then trace the forms lightly over them, or just five forms with girl heads, lots of ideas.  I love the tag that says "rusty child form."

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  1. ha! you did it. congratulations on a good purchase!