Saturday, January 4, 2014

Patterns on Food

Standing in line at City Bakery this morning I couldn't help drawing the patterns that had been made across the tops of the loaves of bread.  Each kind of bread had its own pattern.  I just drew the patterns.  Then I looked below the bread into the desserts case and saw great swirly patterns on a key lime pie, drizzles of icing on top of some eclairs, and even specific patterns on the different kinds of croissants. I also threw in one cake pop that didn't actually have a pattern, but the same arrangement of swirls and sprinkles was on each one.   Someone was having fun in the bakery this morning!

We brought lunch from the bakery up to some friends at their house near Burnsville.  After we ate we helped them decorate some lebkuchen that they had made around the time we made ours but had never gotten around to decorating.  I drew three of my favorites.  Then we went for a couple-of-hours-long hike up along a ridge near the Parkway called Singe Cat Ridge.  I made a quick sketch of the ridge along which we trekked (at the top of the page).  It was very high up with some steep slopes falling away on either side of us.  The cold weather felt a lot warmer after we had been climbing for an hour or so.  We picked up some wonderfully patterned pine cones and cinquepin oak cases, which I am just too tired to draw tonight but will get to tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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