Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Waiting People

On the left is a bonus that I'm not counting as a drawing, from last night, the recipe for the stir fry we had at Ichiban, really good.  Tonight I found myself at 7:15 in a restaurant, not a drawing done all day.  So there was nothing to do except draw more people.  I was happy to notice that there were several people waiting, so I continued yesterday's theme of People Waiting.  The first woman was waiting for her take-out,  standing at a counter watching the waitress bag it up.  The woman on the right was the hostess, waiting behind a counter for more people to arrive.  It was a really slow night.

We were the only customers after the take-out woman left.  A cook came out from the kitchen and stood at the counter reading something while he waited for something else to need cooking.  The waitress stood behind the counter and stared into space, glancing over toward us from time to time, waiting for us to need our water glasses topped off.  Then the cook ambled over to a table and sat down and looked out the front window.

The hostess came and sat at the table with the cook and fiddled around with her phone while she waited.  It isn't a bad restaurant, but it has a feeling of doom about it.  It's buried in a strip mall along a very busy road, hard to see for all the traffic and situated very badly for people trying to turn in to it from the west, as we were.  But it was a good place for drawing all those waiting people.

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