Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shadowing Jesse

Jesse was sitting on a cushion on the window seat with his tail perfectly arranged and his best 3/4 angle facing me.  He was shaped just like a meatloaf.

Suddenly he stretched up and glanced out of the window, lost interst almost immediately, and trotted off to the kitchen.  here he is eating a snack out of his triple-decker ant-proof bowl fashioned by P out of our old good china dishes and Jesse'[s stainless steel normal cat bowl.  It DOES keep the ants at bay.

Next he went into my studio and hopped up on the ink slab on the printing table, a favorite spot of his, especially when there's a print to sit on, as in drawing 1339.  This is him in his stalking position.  He held it for a few minutes, staring at some insect on the floor near the ailing Meyer lemon tree.

Then he relaxed down and tucked his paw in and went to sleep.  I made a noise and he opened his eyes, then went right back to sleep.

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