Friday, January 3, 2014

Rusty Child Form

Yesterday at Tobacco Barn with Maya I saw one of my favorite odd things, a form that I believe was used when sewing clothing for children.  I've seen these things at TB before, strange wire and wood things that look like bird cages with legs that end in wooden shoes, like old-fashioned prosthetic devices, like topiary forms.  The tag says "rusty child form."

I've drawn the child forms a number of times.  They haunt me, along with the girls.  And the animal heads.  So there's nothing to do but meld the child forms, the girls, and the headdresses, and see where they take me.  I drew these in pencil and white gouache with a small bit of rust-colored watercolor.  There's a little bit of black pen on the first drawing.  The girls are from my kindergarten class picture.


  1. I can see having the same response. I think the child forms were tools the salespeople used to hang sample clothes on, that is what I heard anyway. They are haunting. I love what you are doing here.

  2. well that makes sense, Jill! thanks!