Saturday, January 11, 2014

Carvings and Prints

This  morning was as dark as 6 PM and chilly and rainy.  I looked outside around 8:00 and saw Genghis and his family trudging down the puddle-rich street to walk the dog.  They walk in a group every single day, but I've never seen them do it so trudgingly as this morning!

I drew the child form on a piece of rubber eraser stamp material in preparation for making a stamp out of the design,  This was an extremely slow and exact measured drawing, something I haven't done in a long time.  In order to get the proportions just right I had to measure and compare, drop plumb lines and sight along horizontals.  I just used a drawing pencil and drew right on the piece of rubber, erasing mistakes as I made them.

Here's the carved stamp.  I used a set of linoleum cutting tools to cut away the areas that would not get printed, the spaces between the lines.  I am counting both these steps as drawings!

And here's a print of the stamp.  Now I can use it in combination with the girls (I made stamps of all of them already for another project) without having to draw the thing every time.  I'm pretty happy with the way this came out.  It's a little too big to fit in my current sketchbook, so this print is on a piece of drawing paper.  The print is about 5" tall.
Here's a proof or trial print of the stamp before I trimmed the figure out of the background.  It reads like a negative print with the dark background.  The only real difference between the proof and the print above is the absence of background in the final print, which turns it into a black line or positive print.  This should be number 1317.

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