Sunday, January 12, 2014

Working Drawings for a Somewhat New Design

I've b een wanting a new bag, slightly wider than the one I've been carrying, but not so large as the iPad size one I had before that.  Finally I found time to make it yesterday in all the rain.  Last night I used it, and a friend spotted it and asked me to make one or her exactly like mine.  So today I made notes and drawings so that I can duplicate it.  I really like the way it came out and wanted to make a good set of working drawings, so here they are.  On the left is the front of the bag, and on the right is the front with the flap lifted to show the new half-compartment for phone and keys.

On the left here is the view looking into the main compartment of the bag;  and on the right is a detailed drawing of the back compartment.

This page gives the measurements for all of the pieces that need to be cut, allowing extra width and length for hems.  And if I can find the photo I just took with my phone, I'll drop it in below.

Found it, so now you can get an idea of the material, really great, sturdy, waterproof Lotus dog food with a Nicholas Wilton painting of a sheep on it.

Here's the back with two more sheep plus some fish and an apple at the top on the flap.  If you're interested in having a bag like this (or in any other material and any other size) got to my other blog, and order it for $35 plus shipping through Paypal under bigger bags.  Put a note under special instructions telling me if it's this little 8 1/2 x 8 1/2" one, since this one's not on the blog yet (unless I get very ambitious in the next few minutes and update the catalog page of the blog!).  You can also FB message me for an order and also email at

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