Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Animal Limbo

Someone asked if these animals all belonged to the same child, and yes, they did.  The others had stuffed animals, but none were as attached as this particular son.  The animals were characters in many dramas, had houses built for them, acted out scenarios, had lives well beyond being cuddly things to sleep with. 

The only one of all the animals that has not spent all this time in the bardo is the floppy baby at top right.  This one lives on a book shelf.  I consider it mine, actually, because it was given to us by a friend when one of our babies was born;  it had belonged to the friends' daughter when she was a baby, some seven years earlier, and they thought it looked exactly like our baby so they gave it to us.  It did, and it still reminds me of him.  It got into an unfortunate accident with a cat, but it still dozes peacefully on, oblivious of its seriously damaged clothing.

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