Sunday, January 26, 2014

Drawing at the Concert, in the Meeting

My afternoon started with a meeting at a friend's house,  and I didn't get much drawing done because there was a lot of business to talk about.  I did manage to sketch the three pretty bowls of snacks that sat in the middle of the table:  nuts, dried green beans, cheese sticks.

At 4:00 I raced downtown to meet up with some friends and family at a concert of a local baroque ensemble called Pan Harmonia.  They concert was held in the Masonic Temple, a building I've always wanted to go inside of but have never before had a reason.  It's a spectacular building designed by Richard Sharp Smith, the English architect who came to Asheville to supervise construction of the Biltmore House and stayed on afterwards to design many houses and buildings here.  The temple was completed in 1915.  I had wanted to sketch inside the temple, but we had just a few minutes to roam around up on the third and fourth floors before the concert started on the second floor.  I did take some pictures and will try to do some sketches from them later this week.  Truly an amazing building, especially the theatre on the third and fourth floors with scenery and drops painted in 1915 by a Chicago artist named Thomas Moses.

I DID draw the musicians as they played.  On this page (above) are the bassoonist and the harpsichordist, Rosalind Buda and Barbara Weiss respectively.
On the left above is Byron Hedgepath, who played vibraphone and percussion;  next is Kate Steinbeck on flute.  I couldn't resist drawing a small portion of the checkerboard floor of the room in which the concert was held, and below that is Byron Hedgepath playing what looks to me like an Irish drum.
Toward the end of the concert I noticed there were a few people wearing hats.  I thought about how few people wear hats indoors anymore, compared to the number of women especially who used to wear hats.  I drew the three hat-wearers.  And on the right is Rosalind Buda playing the Scottish smallpipes.  Pan Harmonia has a number of concerts coming up in and around Asheville.  Check out their web site ( for their schedule, and get to one of their concerts!  On Sunday, May 18, they will again play at the Masonic Temple in downtown Asheville-- J.S.Bach Brandenburg No.5!

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