Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random Drawings

I never made it to the computer to post last night, so tonight's post is for yesterday and today.  Yesterday was, truly, an uninspired drawing day -- the bakery case at the bakery, where a lone pink cake pop caught my eye and then some elaborate strawberry shortcake cupcakes and an eclair that looked like a fainting couch.  Later I looked out the bedroom window and did a desultory sketch of our neighbor's winter-bleak front garden.

Today was balmy by comparison with the rest of this week-- almost 32 by the time I went for a walk.  So I walked on the hills behind our house instead of going straight into the woods.  

The ground was frozen and dusted with snow and the road was covered with snow that looked blue in the afternoon light.  I could see across the valley to a high meadow called Dogwood Ridge, where a single tree is a landmark.  That meadow overlooks the field where the sheep are currently kept.

At bottom right is a quick sketch of a very old photograph of myself on the right and three other children at a birthday party in my grandmother's backyard.  Someone had told us to hold up our skirts, because no normal child is going to stand there holding up a skirt and squinting into a camera.  The boy was named Lynn,  which my brother and I thought was a girl's name, but my mother assured us it could also be a boy's name.  Lynn seems to be obligingly holding up his sunsuit pants leg.  His sister, on the far left, was named Carol Jean. The tallest girl, who was a year older and lived down the block, had those long corkscrew curls that my mother wished I had.   I must have been three.

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  1. Gwen, where do you recommend buying supplies online? I have never tried book making and don't know where to start. I did not see a resource list in the book but maybe I missed it. Thanks, Jodena