Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Drawings from Limbo

I'm starting out the new year in that interesting space between art projects where nothing has clarified yet or even suggested itself as a possible subject.  This situation used to make me very uncomfortable, and I still feel a little too eager to grab onto something, anything.  But I'm practicing staying with the uncomfortableness and watching with soft curiosity to see what presents itself.  In the meantime, this daily drawing is a great help.  Today I grabbed a little sculptural piece I did a few years ago and that I've translated into monotypes and prints already, even a book last year, but still don't feel 100% finished with.  I've played around with putting totem hats on the girls once before, but they didn't work out; and this morning these new hats seemed right.  Not sure what's going on, something about all the thoughts and stories in my head all the time?  The girl on the left is wearing a wizard's hat or a party hat;  Next to her a very busy, never-pausing pecking baby chick has taken over.  In the middle is a bunny-in-the-headlights, and next to her is a judgmental, hectoring hen.  On the right, a frightened lion.  The duck/ boat seems unperturbed, keeps floating along as though on a lagoon on a lazy afternoon.


  1. oh, this one sings. eerily maybe or joyfully or all kinds of ways at once! nice!