Monday, December 30, 2013

Tea Things

After cleaning up the kitchen tonight I was rummaging around in the tea drawer trying to make a space for two new boxes of tea, and I came across a collection of beautiful tea accoutrements.  Some of these things are so elegantly designed that I needed to draw them.  I decided to use plain black contour lines, no values, no color, a bit of surface texturing, but done only with lines.

At the left, the incomparable Tazo tea box with its strainer/lid/little dish on top.  It's a tea ceremony of its own, just the assembling and using of all those clever parts.  I can never throw away these boxes, nor think of anything else to do with them other than fill them with dried herbs from the garden or bulk tea from the grocery.  In the middle are two differently-woven strainers;  and at the top right are two scoops.  The ornate one is made of metal, not sure what kind, but we bought it in an antique shop in Milford-on Sea in the south of England many years ago.  The other one is of satiny wood, shaped perfectly, given to us by Mike and Andi one year along with several bags of good tea.

On this page are the humble aluminum tea ball minus its chain, and below it,  one of those snap-spoon-like scoops that I always overfill, and it ends up chomping tea leaves all around its rim.  On the right is a white cotton reusable tea bag.

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