Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Walking in the Woods at Night

I got home just before dark today.  I hadn't had time to take a walk all day, and things didn't look promising for the evening, either, with our increasingly early twilight.  So I started walking down our road and thought I'd just stick to the road, feeling my way with my feet since we have no street lights on our street and we're surrounded by woods on two sides and pastures on the other two.  When I got to the trail head, though, the darkness looked really soft and inviting.  So in I went.  There were toads singing, and I could smell smoke from the chimney of one of our neighbors, very sweet.  I drew small and fast, just little thumbnails.  At this time of year it seems to me that bears are hunkering down and not much is moving around besides squirrels and a few birds.  It felt fine to be in the almost-dark woods alone.

Back homw I added a few sketches from parts of a vase of late garden flowers: some magenta cosmos, the last of the fire-y Mexican sunflowers, and one little yellow pot marigold down at the bottom right.

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