Tuesday, October 15, 2013

tiny food and a celebratory car key

I have a collection of chai tea spices in some fine little round cans with clear plastic lids.  I was making some chai this afternoon and just started drawing while standing at the kitchen counter.  It was so sweet to smell the spices as I drew each one. 

At the bottom I drew my car key in celebration of the fact that my little yellow Smart arrived home this morning with its new gear shift mechanism, and it runs so well!  The temple priesthood at the dealership had two guys drive it the 130 miles from Knoxville to me and thereby test it thoroughly.  After two weeks of driving around in various loaners and rental cars with my shoulders wrapped around my ears, terrified lest I scratch a door panel or park too far up and destroy the front bumper (as I am wont to do on low slung cars ), I felt so relaxed driving my tiny car again, parking it in impossible spaces, driving donuts to change directions, not living in fear of a shopping cart crashing into me in the grocery parking lot and racking up a big bill with Hertz!


  1. Just a note to say how much I enjoy your posts! I especially like this page both visually and in meaning. Have a fabulous day! Kim