Sunday, October 27, 2013

Challenge: How ARE These Drawings Related?

Maya has been spending nights with us since she was 2 1/2 years old.  It's interesting to watch how her routines have changed.  In the beginning she was glued to us every second of the visit.  I can remember waking up with her at midnight on her first sleepover with us and telling her a story, complete with pictures that we drew together, about where all the other people in her life were at this very minute (in their beds, asleep).  These days she's so independent we almost forget she's here sometimes.  In the drawing on the left she's playing her animal game on my computer while I work on a woodcut (with time out to make this quick drawing).  It's great to do things together yet still be able to be on our own sometimes.

On the right is an interior drawing of Marco's Pizza, where the Christmas lights seem to be twinkling away already.  They're overlaid with some Halloween spider webs as well as a few pumpkins and skeletons, but I believe these tiny white lights are going to form the basis of various holiday decor for the next two months.

I really don't enjoy wearing socks, but I drew my Smartwools tonight in thanks to them for keeping my feet blister-free even though I walked nearly 3 1/2  miles in my Convers this afternoon after not wearing them much all summer.  Below the feet, what I thought might be a slippery elm leaf, picked up out at Lake Louise where we did our walk.  (When I got home and looked up the leaf I realized that there still don't seem to be slippery elm trees around here.)  And on the right, one of the sassafras leaves that is drying in the kitchen, showing a decidedly dessicated state after just three days on the road to becoming file for gumbo.

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