Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Sleepers

Tonight's drawings are a bunch of sleeping figures (most are not really sleeping, just posing at a figure drawing session as though they were sleeping).  This first one is a my husband, actually sleeping.
I am deeply into this topic.  Here I'm simplifying some old figure drawings that I did a few years ago so that I can turn them into relief carvings for woodblock prints on the new piece.  Not sure which I will use.  The next step is to reduce them in size and play around with them in Photoshop and on a photocopier to come up with a design.
Some of these came from a book I did about flying dreams.
When I was in art school we learned how to draw the figure before anything else.  I must have drawn hundreds of these.  (Too bad I wasn't counting them.)
And then I had the idea to incorporate references to the Egyptian goddess Nut [noot] in the book.  I drew this after an Egyptian wall painting.
She sort of looks like a dachshund, but I'm not after verisimilitude, just a reference.  I really love the story that goes with her.

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