Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two-Minutes Drawings

Driving in trafic today I pulled up to a red light and glanced at the driver next to me.  It was a guy busily reading a magazine while waiting for the light to change.  When the light changed he let the magazine slide down, handy for him to grab it and continue reading at the next light I guess.  Kind of a low-tech texting.

This evening I went to my granddaughter's school talent show.  Each of the performers had two minutes exactly to stand up on stage and perform.  First I drew the M.C. in his clown hat, going fast to warm up.  Then I drew the first two performers while they were singing.  The third performer did a dance, so I drew the back of a little girl's head instead of a performer.  She had very fancy ponytails wrapped into little curly buns, very much fun to draw!

The ages of the performers ranged from kindergarten to 4th grade.  All were so funny and cute and very, very brave.  Maya sang a song with her friend Zoe.

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