Monday, October 28, 2013

Do Cats Even HAVE Facial Expressions?

A few days ago someone commented on some drawings of Jesse and said that she wasn't a great cat person, but that she liked one of Jesse's expressions.  So I've been watching Jesse's face for changes in expression.  To me he looks either asleep or awake, and that's about it.  But in the interest of accuracy, today I drew him in different cat moods, ranging from stretching to grooming to just waking up.  His face looks very similar in all the drawings, but his body changes everything.  To me he looks bored (top left), wary (bottom left), annoyed (top right), preoccupied by thorough grooming (bottom right).

The top drawing on this page looks really different to me, and I think that's because his eyes are usually wide open when he's looking at me.  In this case he was getting ready to spring off the bed, and his eyes were slits.  In the middle he looks like he fell asleep in the middle of something, with that one paw resting outside the cozy circle of his body.  At the bottom he's in a perfect Down Dog after sitting on my lap watching movies for a couple of hours.  (I need to follow his example with a good Down Dog of my own at this point.)


  1. ha! excellent, gwen. we all need more down dog. but jesse is a full body expressive, and what i particularly liked was how you used his feet and the outline of his feisty little head. what a character.