Monday, October 7, 2013

At Maya's Class

Maya asked me to come to her 4th grade social studies class and help out with their big project.  The class members are making models of archaic Cherokee villages, and since the teacher was asking for volunteers to come help out, Maya thought I might be able to help.  So I spent the morning in a room full of 9 year-old who were armed with hot glue guns and big ideas.  They were really smart and fun to work with, and the teacher was fantastic at keeping things calm without squashing anybody's ideas.  I did a few sketches while he was giving a talk to the kids.  On the left, both drawings are of half-finished models of huts and a tree.  On the right at the top is a drawing of Maya and her partner's hut (sticks covered with fake fur, opened at the front so the inside could be seen) and also one of their fires and an animal skin-stretching frame.

Afterwards I met a friend for lunch and we agreed we were so so happy to be able to do whatever we jolly well pleased these days.  So after lunch we took a nice long walk around downtown and caught up with one another as she has been out of town the past couple of weeks.  When I got home I made an apple pie.  Bottom right shows the apples lined up on the counter.
And here are two drawings of the pie, my favorite sugarless apple pie with olive oil crust.  Yum!

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