Friday, October 25, 2013

Ginger Dead and Other Good Things

We live close to a lovely cafe called Filo , owned and operated by a Greek woman named Maria, and which is the perfect place to flee to when it's your night to cook and it's just not happening.  On top left, Maria's wonderful stuffed baguette, a baguette filled with roasted vegetables, cheese, and sometimes meats.  Not sure what's in this one;  it was the only one left at 4:00, and I bought it, knowing it would be fine whatever it was.  Below the stuffed baguette a Filo-made croissant, and below that, not from Filo, a Jerusalem artichoke seed head from the woods along with one of its seeds.  On the right is the famous Ginger Dead from Filo-- a gingerbread zombie with a red red heart stitched to its chest with black frosting stitches and red red eyes crossed by black frosting X's.  Below the ginger dead, a seed container full of the Jerusalem artichoke seeds, and a container of Maria's pasta fagiole soup to round out tonight's dinner.

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