Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ginger Dead Kitties and Foxes and Zombies

Maya and I decided to make our own ginger deads today.  We had a little trouble with the cake decorating frosting tubes as the two tubes we had were too large to fit the little pointy nibs onto.  So we experimented with using paint brushes, fingers, and finally with waxed paper, then plastic, then cloth bags wrapped around the nibs.  The cloth bags worked the best.  We used a recipe from Joy of Cooking, but made a second half batch in which we substituted honey for the sugar.  Both came out great.

Above are drawings of one of our ginger deads on the left, and Maya's ginger dead fox on the right.

And above here, on the left, a ginger dead Jesse and a regular ginger dead on the right. 


  1. by the way, Maya, guest blogger, drew the drawing of her fox.