Sunday, October 13, 2013

Can You Find Jesse in His Jesse-Colored Fur Bed?

A while back I bought Jesse a bed that totally matches his coat (except that he has some stripes and the bed doesn't).  It has the same short orange fur that is about the same length as his and that feels exactly like his does.  At first he loved his bed.  We would walk into a room and not notice that he was in his bed.  Then for some inexplicable cat reason, he went off his bed.  Phil finally lured him back to it by draping one of our good bath towels over it.  He liked sleeping on the towel but wouldn't let any part of his body touch the fur.  The other day I experimented with pulling the towel back and exposing half of the bed.  For some reason he has accepted the bed again and even sleeps half on the towel and half on the fur.  Can you find him in the two drawings of him sleeping in his fake fur bed?

No sooner do I settle into drawing than Jesse senses it and begins to wake up and stretch.  He looks more like a fetal cat in drawing 691.

All I could manage were a few gesture drawings, but I like the way 694 came out.

Just then our friends Loy and Bruce arrived bearing the largest most gorgeous pie I have ever seen.  The pie itself was about 14 inches in diameter, baked in a very large ceramic pie dish that I made for them to fit the large pies they like to bake.  The plate was resting in a lovely basket that another friend had made for them to fit the giant pie in its giant pie plate.  It was an apple pie made from Cortland apples that they had picked in Michigan last week and brought home with them by car.

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  1. I like drawing 692 --- so funny and cute. I love how Jesse puts his paw around his head.