Sunday, October 20, 2013

Early Morning Maya and Some Fall Forest Gleanings

Maya slept over last night, and early this morning I came upon her with hair still wet from the shower,  playing her animal game on my computer and making some screen captures of her fox to use to make an iron-on transfer for a pillow that we plan to make.  She is perched on the kneeling chair.

Oddly enough, mushrooms, which had died out in our woods as of a couple of weeks ago, are making a small come-back.  Today I spotted all of these during a brief 40 minute walk.  Most were at an elevation of about 500 feet above our street, somewhere near 3000ft.  I used my old mushroom field guide to try to identify them, but all my guesses are followed by question marks.  The most unusual and therefore interesting to me was the puffball.  It was stumpy and just beginning to emerge from the ground.  It had tiny spines all over its cap, and they glistened in the late afternoon sun, so tiny and with even smaller drops of moisture on some of the spine tips.  The others were mushrooms that are fairly common in these woods.  The Russula [?] grows near where the Indian pipes live, and they are supposed to be in a saprophytic relationship with the Indian pipes and the roots of the pine trees, so I
feel pretty secure in that one identification.  The dark brown button-type one  had fallen over and the stem had been partially eaten.

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