Monday, June 15, 2015

Two Years, 5001 drawings

This afternoon Jacob convinced me to take him to a new trail and overlook, the location of which I cannot say.  It was amazing, though, and well worth the ascent via rocky trail in 90 + degree heat.  He should be posting his photographs to his blog soon.  Meanwhile, I got busy on the last lap of the first half of ten-thousand with this sketch of the view of downtown and Mount Pisgah from the overlook that I made it up to (4982), the area that Jacob climbed up to for a better view (4983), and a bat-shaped rock that I picked up while enjoying the view.
I picked a few flowers while we were climbing down-- but by the time I got around to drawing them they were pretty limp from the heat in my parked car.  The daylily in the middle is in reference to drawing number 1 in this series, which was a daylily on Jones Mountain on July 15, 2013.  Then on the right are all the fruits and seeds that I could draw before eating them at journal group meeting tonight.
I stopped by the grocery on the way home to buy something interesting and different for drawing #5000 and found this tomatillo.  I've never ever bought one of these before, so here it is in its strange papery over-wrap with its green-tomato body cracking through the bottom.  I'll draw it again tomorrow from the bottom.  I also bought some turmeric root for its good color.  Thanks for all your cheering comments and nice responses the past two years!  You make it much more fun to do this.


  1. Yahoo! Look at you! 5001! Whoot! Celebrate!

  2. I'm still chronic illness sometimes leaves me with little energy! But I just had to say congrats!!!