Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Morning on the Lake

My friend M and I went out in my canoe early this morning to see what we could see.  We saw water pickerel in bloom, delicate turquoise blue and orangish dragonflies in some unknown sedge,
 more pickeral with its arrow-shaped leaves and complex orchid-like flowerets on long spiky stems,
a red-winged blackbird that yelled at us until we pushed off (we were obviously too close its nest), a person on a flat scull-like boat who stood and paddled it so that it skimmed along the glassy surface so wonderfully, and several clumps of water lilies/water hyacinths.  These last three drawings I drew from memory after I got back home, trying to exercise and improve my visual memory.  I would like one of those flat skinny boats!  I could probably strap it to the roof of [even] my car.

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  1. look over at llbean for the what-ever-they're-called boats. (i think that's where i saw them)