Sunday, June 28, 2015

Individual Lupine Pods Really ARE Individual

Drawing these lupine pods reminded me of the potato drawing game.  I used to use an exercise in drawing workshops wherein everyone would pick a potato out of a pile and go off alone to draw the potato in such detail that the potato would be intimately known and able to be recognized by the person who had drawn it.  No one would believe me when I would tell them that they would be able to recognize their potatoes after drawing them.  Meanwhile I would number some blank sheets of paper from 1 to however many people were in the workshop;  and I would make a list and put a person's name next to each number but not show anyone the list.  I would lay the numbered sheets of paper out in the center of the room while people were drawing.

When people finished their drawings, I would take their potatoes from them and place them back in the basket.   When all were finished and the basket was once again a bunch of boring old potatoes, each person would then go dig through the basket and try to find her/his own potato.  After they thought they had found them, I would tell them which numbered sheet of paper to put their potatoes on: " Mary, put yours on number 1";  "Tom, put yours on number 2," etc.  I could check against my list to be sure everyone had put his or her potato on the correct numbered sheet.  No one ever picked a wrong potato, and after everyone had found the potato she/he had drawn, we would match them with the drawings and prove that they were the correct potatoes.

The point of the exercise is that drawing improves vision, presence, focus, and knowledge.  In addition to producing some lovely drawings of potatoes.

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