Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bluebirds/Trail Things

On the right, looking like a line of music notes, is a record of two parent bluebirds and their baby on the telephone wires that cross our front yard this  morning.
And here it continues.  The parents would take turns flying down to the ground, picking up some thing for the baby, and then flying back up to the wire where they would poke it into the baby's mouth.  The baby was more of a teenager, well able to fly, but apparently a bit of a late starter and liked to have breakfast brought to him/her.  Periodically the baby would fly up to a different wire or up to the hemlock tree, and then zoom back down to its perch on the bottom wire.

Late this afternoon I walked the old river trail-- perfect 72 degrees and sunny with cool breeze and very few bugs. I practically crawled through a side path that led to the fence line where I could see in the distance a line of sheep in deep grass in front of the white barn.  Further down the trail another side path took me to the water's edge where someone had made a modest but pretty little cairn;  and then I found some rocks that reminded me of Zuni totems:  one looked like two Corn Maidens, a second was a perfectly teardrop-shaped rock--  not a totem, but still--  and the third, over on the bottom right, looks exactly like a fish.  I brought these three home to clean and polish a bit.  The fish even has an eye and gill marks on both sides of the flat stone.

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