Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Back to Posting After Big Family Weekend!

A friend messaged me today and asked if all was well because I hadn't posted since last Friday.  I apologize for the unexplained lapse, but one of my sons and his little 5 year old son arrived Saturday, and there has not been a moment day or night in which posting would be an appropriate activity until tonight.  It was a wonderful weekend, and all the sketches were done in the middle of the whirlwind of those 3 1/2 days!  Since other people's grandchildren are of maybe only marginal interest, I won't go into the stories behind most of these, but will simply identify the locations in which I made the drawings.  This first was made upstairs at Maya's house while Maya, Nate, and I played with her guinea pigs.  Maya with unerring social grace hit upon the idea of Nate and me helping her bathe the guinea pigs-- a perfect way to put Nate at ease and get him comfortable around us again.

Drawn in Maya's bedroom Saturday afternoon.

Same place, same time.
 Constant motion studies--  don't really remember where or when!
Standing at our kitchen counter early Sunday morning while Nate explained the identification Tile and rubber bands around his stuffed duck's neck.
This drawing and the next two were made at the top of Craggy Pinnacle along the Blue Ridge Parkway, where we went hiking on Sunday.  When we got to the top I discovered I had no pen with me and no one else had one either.  I dug some dark mud out of a crevice, spat in the palm of my hand, and mixed up a little primitive paint, using saliva as a binder.  It was foggy, and I simply rubbed the dirt into the paper at first, then used a leaf to make vegetation marks.
The my son David made a brush out of a stick by fuzzing one end a bit, and I added more saliva to the paint.  I went back and added lines to the first painting too.
Another hiker suggested chewing up a breath mint, which he gave me, to add some stickiness to the binder.  And I found a dandelion to add in some yellow.  Love to live off the land!
On the left is a little stuffed gold bug that Maya and I made for Nate, who loves all things golden.  At the right, some sketches from the gemstone place that P and Erik and Nate and I went to on Monday to pan for gems and pyrite!
 Down on the farm at the college where we live.

A little while before E and N left, at the table at D's house, drawn at N's behest.

Beautiful tiny aubergine ceramic bowl full of peas at book club this evening.  More book club.
More from book club.  Caught up!

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