Saturday, June 13, 2015

At Micro Level Everything is Fascinating

Tonight's micro appreciations include 6 new small snow peas, a late burst of pods from the almost-spent vines;  a rose spirea bud (4953, lower right, chopped off by the scanner along with one of the pea pods; a wild rhododendron blossom which is extremely sticky and is pollinated by a very small bee (maybe among other pollinators);a sprig of hemlock including the wooly adelgid (white stuff) that is infecting most of our hemlocks these days;  some lovely rhododendron leaves across the bottom and at 4955 in the bright noon sun outside a window;  a sage blossom, a rose spirea blossom, and a vetch blossom;  and finally four odd fruits from the leather leaf mahonia plant.  I wonder so much what function the bright red stem color plays.  These were the trickiest to paint with their frosted blue skin.  This new book is now completely covered:

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