Friday, June 5, 2015

Stones Stacked and Found

On our long walk on the east river trail this m morning M and I stopped at a little shingle beach-like place along the river to check out the stones and to enjoy the view of the river at that spot.  There are so many flat, oval stones that were begging to be stacked;  so we started making smallish cairns.  Cairn-stacking is a non-thinking activity, and the cairns seem to stack themselves better when we're talking and not paying too much attention to the stones.  
We made these four plus M made a couple of really small ones while I was rustling around finding animal-shaped rocks for fetishes.  (The map here is to help remember how to find some abandoned outbuildings that we found on the edge of the woods, something J might be interested in photographing.) I found a frog, a fish (or maybe a tadpole, which would then be a frog in terms of its medicine maybe), and a turtle.  I looked up their meanings and powers, which you can read on the page if you're interested.  Since I saw a bear yesterday, I looked up the Native American meaning of bear;  and I copied a bear fetish from a photograph.  It looks like an animal cracker bear I think.

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