Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Countdown to 5000

On June 15 two years ago I posted the first few drawings of the 10,000.  I had no idea how far I would get, how long I would persist, what would happen to my drawing practice, how it would feel to even count to ten thousand.  A few months ago when I reached 4500 I thought it might be possible to get halfway by June 15 of this year.  And now I'm 90 drawings away but only 5 days away.  I figure that if I do 18 drawings a day for the next five days I can reach that magic number on the two-year anniversary of the beginning of the practice.  SO to get a running start, here are 18 drawings for today--  all done at the price of at least 18 large mosquito bites as I crouched down alongside the garden at 8:30 PM .
I picked one of the walking onion heads and brought it inside because I was literally going crazy with the mosquito bites.  I dissected the head and found such interesting tiny structures comprising the very complex near or bloom end of the plant.  I think most of the next five days will be micro drawings done inside!

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