Sunday, June 21, 2015

Midsummer Cows' Dream

I read an article this week about a woman in New York who is embarked on a project to draw every thing in her apartment.  According to the article, once she asked her downstairs neighbor if a safety pin was a thing.  She was relieved when the neighbor said no, but a box of safety pins was a thing.  I can see why the artist would be happy not to have to paint all 50 safety pins inside the box, but I work from the opposite side of things, and I most certainly DO consider each and every safety pin to be a thing, and as such, countable.

These cows, while individuals when standing alone, were truly in a state of cohesion this afternoon.  Each coagulation moved as one.  Only occasionally did one cow break away from her group and become an individual.  They were slowly munching their way across a truly overgrown field;  and I hope our field is next on the rotation!

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