Thursday, June 25, 2015

In Which I Almost Boot This Process Out

Really, what a dumb idea this was!  Tonight I decided to tackle drawing something that's tricky to draw with a pen much less a blade:  one of the Charlottes.  My first attempt, 5062, looks like a mummy in wraps.  The next drawing is of a different Charlotte, and in this one I tried removing the white areas and leaving in the darks.  

For my third attempt, yet another charlotte (if I can just find the right subject the drawing will be good!), I stuck to contour lines.  Other than the strange teardrop-shaped earring-like thing on the face (which was going to be a dark area before I switched to contour lines only), this one feels a little better.  But I'm really interested in doing a value drawing with darks and lights.  Contour is too easy.  So for 5065 I went back to the charlotte in 5063, changed its pose (that's the solution!), and did a very light contour drawing of the perimeter and a few inner contours.  Then I scooped out the areas that were less than 50% gray and turned those into the lights.  I actually began to like this drawing in the version in 5066.
I think I over-cleaned it a little at the end, but I'm pretty happy with 5067.  It's definitely a strange little drawing, but then what else is a drawing of a charlotte?


  1. wowza, i think i like 5066 best, but the whole process is so interesting! funny how things "get" to us, like the charlottes.

    1. Indeed! Check out june 26 post in which two charlottes find themselves in a strange dark space---!