Monday, June 22, 2015

Gallery Drawing

I was walking downtown this afternoon killing a little time before a meeting when it started to rain.  So I ducked into the Asheville Area Arts Council gallery in the Grove Arcade Building and did some gallery sketching.  These first four are small metal pieces by Jamie Korslich.  As small as they really are, they seemed monumental to me after I drew them,  There's no better way to look at art, I think, than to draw after it.  That way your eye travels everywhere and you really see the pieces.  By the time you've made close drawings, you know so much about the piece that it has become a part of you.  My friends P, S, T and B in NYC are my models and mentors for gallery and museum drawing.  I can't wait to draw with them in July!
These four are wooden cutouts by Kreh Melliok, who paints and then prints on the cutouts.  They were large, nearly life-size.  I want to go back to see both these shows.

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