Monday, December 29, 2014

Teething Bees Coming Soon

On the right is a springerle, a delicious anise-flavored molded cookie.  This one was made by my friend L, who used her German grandmother's recipe.  These cookies were traditionally hung on Christmas trees and then given away as gifts to visitors.  L gave us a box of them yesterday, and they are too pretty to eat, to delicious not to eat.
And today Maya came over to make a prototype of our new teething bee design.  We made it out of honey-colored, black, and light blue towel cloth, and we think its textured material will be very inviting for teething babies to chomp on.  Sewing it was tricky.  Since we sewed the stripes onto the honey-colored cloth, when we sewed one side to the other the machine had to sew through six layers of very thick terrycloth.  When we sewed through the side with the wings, the layers increased to eight layers.  Maya did this part of the job completely alone.  These will soon be for sale exclusively in West Asheville at the Bee Charmer store at their Haywood Road location.

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