Thursday, December 11, 2014


Yesterday my friend Annie, who inadvertently started me drawing these 10,000 things over a year ago, gave me the wonderful hat on the left.  I wore it today and it is soft and warm and perfect in every way!  It seemed only right to draw it.  So Annie, this is a thank-you drawing.

As it happens. I stumbled into a cache of great hats the other day and bought several of them to give to various people.  I won't say who gets what, but the Viking hat on the right above, cleverly knitted to look like chain mail and complete with a pair of formidable horns, will go to a little boy who must fight off mighty foes on a daily basis-- pirates, dragons, you name it.
The cyclopian hat on the left will go to another boy who must defend his snow fort from foes such as older brothers and rambling free-range chickens.  I especially like the tongue sticking out from between the fangs.  And on the right, a manly winter chores hat for a guy who spends a lot of time dealing with snow.
I didn't want to devote another whole day to the tulips, but the astonishing growth of the runts prompted this comparison of the two smallest sprouts with the giant one!  Andi, you might be right!

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