Friday, December 26, 2014


I'm in the bardo between ideas, and one strategy I use to steer my way through is to go back into old drawings and try force-fitting, in a light way,  two very different subjects that grab me. 
The charlottes in among the sprouting tulips remind me in an odd way of Owl Man in his bamboo grove.  Owl Man has a broken leg these days, and the reject charlottes are reminiscent of him.  This is not a matter for thinking or making an effort.  I'm just playing along to see what, if anything, coalesces.


  1. gwen, i like this strategy - i'm gonna try to remember it. the charlottes somehow seem *right* with the sprouting tulips.

  2. Thanks for your reaction, Lynne! I'm going to carve some rubber blocks tomorrow and see what turns up--

  3. i've myself been too tired for more week to make stuff before school resumes. i like your strategy, gwen.