Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hats Again Plus Stowaway Bald Cypress Cone

Two more spectacular hats from Greenlife (Whole Foods small local-ish store), the one on the left a fish, and the one on the right a manly chain mail crossed with motorcycle goggles and finished off with -what else? braids.  Asheville is a town of many great hats.  I hope people wear hats like this in the places I'm sending them--
I found a stowaway bald cypress cone in the bottom of my bag when we got home from NOLA.  After a couple of days on my drawing table it began to separate into sections, very much like a Chinese puzzle.  It was possible to reassemble it like a puzzle, too!  I've never seen a cone like this.  It smells very spicy and resinous.  I read that the oily resin is really good for preserving wood.


  1. all these hats and sprouts and maps ARE mapping your winter days, lovely.

    1. Thanks, Velma! Always good to hear from you.