Monday, December 8, 2014

Nurse Jesse

As any of my kids could tell you I am not Good With The Sick, especially when the sickness involves a seemingly constant honking cough.  So when P came down with some kind of swamp fever that we think he picked up on the train coming home from New Orleans last week,  I gritted my teeth and tried to refrain from heaping advice on the patient, very difficult because I do know best!  This afternoon, a gray and gloomy afternoon after a gray and gloomy morning,  Jesse walked up to P where he was languishing loudly in the kitchen easy chair.  He stood looking at him for a few minutes then grabbed a quick bite to eat.
He walked back over, cocked his head, and then climbed up into P's lap.

It took him a little squirming around to get perfectly situated, but after a few minutes he began to purr,
and P said the vibration from the purring felt really good on his chest.  The two of them sat like that for a long time, and oddly enough P didn't cough at all while he was holding Jesse.


  1. Nothing better than a kitty when you have a cold. I hope Phil is feeling better. You guys need to avoid all forms of public transportation

  2. Lovely. I miss our cats so much.

  3. Thanks for your comments! (Unfortunately we can't avoid trains and planes as our family is scattered! )