Friday, December 19, 2014

Hats and Scarves and a Homemade Portable Xmas Tree

At crit group this morning great hats and scarves abounded.  Here is M in her felt elf hat, and on the right is L's yummy maroon velvet hat.
I didn't draw all of the scarves, just the ones across from me that I could see without contortions and obvious staring.  On the left is L's lacey green one, and on the right is H's lovely blue.
M had a multi-colored scarf, and on the right is a quick sketch made from a photo of the recycled picnic table portable xmas tree that M made. The stand is not accurate, but the pole, slats of wood, twigs, folk art chicken on top and sparkly light-entwined tinsel are.  What doesn't come across in my sketch is the pure light and magic quality of this very funky tree.  M said it comes apart and can fit in a small box for traveling (although the pole is 6 feet tall).  She plans on bringing it to New York.  Our crit group-- bread and air!

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