Friday, December 5, 2014

Tiny Pale Harvest

Today is overcast and chilly, but still just okay to run barefoot out to the languishing garden and harvest the last of the summer crops.  I drew everything actual size-- the wan pale carrots that I planted too late but that managed to create themselves in miniature and to smell carroty sweet in spite of having grown during short, dark days;  the still-crunchy red lettuce only a little bitter.  After I drew them I ate them, right there at my drawing table.
The arugula lasted pretty well, not really full-sized, but not ridiculously miniature either.  I left a few plants to see if they'll survive inside the frost blanket for a little longer.  And on the right is my prize-winning carrot, almost as big as a baby carrot, plump, sweet, and slightly orange.

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  1. our late garden was doing fine, until the neighbor doe decided she liked lettuce, broccoli rapa and kale...