Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Laertes and Penates

 A few weeks ago I acquired a new household goddess at the Francine Delany Craft fair, and here she is on the left.  The man who  made her said he just puts together things that seem to go together;  when I spied this beauty on his table I scooped it up to go on the same diningroom wall as the stuffed angel figure that I found at Eastern Market in DC a few years ago.  This two buzz and hum on the blue-green wall and animate the whole room.
The two little urns are ceramic god-like containers that I got from my friend A's cousin when she was visiting the college many years ago and had a show in our gallery.  They seem ancient to me, and they're full of good juju.  The woman peeking out from behind the small print is actually a fragment of a drawing/collage that I bought a long time ago.  I look at it every single day.  It's a triptych, and this is part of the bottom panel.  She guards secrets for sure.

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