Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shrinking Mountain

Driving with a friend to Burnsville in the mountains north of here this morning I watched a tall mountain in the distance apparently shrink rapidly before my eyes.  The mountain was ahead of us and slightly to the left, framed by some distant trees.  As we climbed in elevation, the mountain seemed to shrink relative to the framing trees.  It moved very quickly, like a flip book.  It reminded me of how the moon rises and falls and rises again when you watch it from a car while driving in mountains.  Nothing is what it seems to be, right?

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  1. Great job, Gwen! Haven't had time to comment much, but you'd be proud of me! I repurposed an old day timer (small one) into a sketchbook/journal! It was so fun! I put in all sorts of different papers! Only I had to punch each hole one by one! Next time I'll get one of those fancy punches! LOL! You can see it on my FB page for Oct. 10th here: BTW Minerva is one of my fave goddesses...hence my FB name! You've inspired me to do so much! I just had to thank you! Big hugs!!!