Friday, October 24, 2014

After a Day in the Bardo, Relaxing with Jesse

Really,  one of my least favorite days is the day when I have to get a new phone-- all the transferring of files, synching of things, learning a new phone even when it's supposed to be "really just like" the 4S, only the minute muscle movements are different and nothing really feels the same.  This day is not exactly equal to a root canal day, but I would put it equal to an airport day with four close connections, one of them Newark, and it's stormy. 

So after the day in the bardo,  it felt great to unwind by making a big pot of chicken soup/gumbo and some cornbread.  I used some of the gumbo file that I made from sassafras leaves from one of the little sassafras trees in our back yard woods.
Jesse smelled chicken and came loping into the kitchen.  On the right he's sitting on a stool at the counter watching carefully.
Later he came over to my drawing table and settled in to do some grooming.
Then his head grew heavy, and it sank slowly down onto his paw. 

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