Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Seeds Redux

Today and yesterday were seed days again.  I'm working on a print with a seed theme and was trying to make a drawing that was in black and white, no grays, so that I could carve it as part of my big woodblock.  I started with the buckeye in its case at top left, but that one depends to much on some shades of gray and very fine texturing.  Then I redrew it using blacks and whites only with a few dots (which should be easy to do), and I think it works fine.  So tomorrow I'll take my sketchbook to the xeroxery at the UPS store and enlarge it and transfer it to the woodblock.

Then I copied a drawing of the moon that I had drawn six summers ago in Chiusi Citta in Italy, a small fresco in the chiesa di San Francesco, dating from the middle of the 16th century.  I love this little moon, which carries its phases sort of like a head scarf in folds around its face.  It reminds me of the buckeye in its case, so I plan to add it to the woodcut diagonally from the buckeye in the composition.

At the bottom are a few nuts that are lying around on the porch table.  The half shell at bottom right was thoroughly cleaned out by a tiny animal, maybe a chipmunk.
Today I went to my critique group this afternoon and did these drawings.  First is a vase of dahlias, then my friend A's lovely pendant of a beaten metal heart with a window out of which peeks a copper face.  At the bottom is my friend M's okra book, a journal sketchbook okra garden record that she is turning into an artists' book for the upcoming seed show in Barcelona.  And on the right, a dahlia bud.

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